Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday blues....

Mondays always come back to quick. It seems as though the week drags on and Saturday and Sunday just fly by.

Saturday we went to "Holy Smoke", which is a BBQ cook-off for the entire N. Florida diocese of Episcopal churches. It was here in Live Oak at our conference center. This was the first year that we went. It was advertised as you go around and sample the teams BBQ and then vote on your favorite. That wasn't exactly how it went. The teams were there set up, but you didn't get to sample any. They had to turn in their entries and then they served lunch at 12:30 with the food that was cooked and a couple sides. Well we got there about 11:30 so we just kinda wandered around for a hour. Colton usually eats at noon so by 12:30 with still no food, he was VERY cranky. I snagged a roll for him and I had some raisins in his bag as well. When the food finally was put out, he munched on a chicken leg and had a couple bites of pork and then he was done!!! It was about 1:15 at that point and he was tired since he is nap time is at 1:00. We finished up and headed home and he promptly feel asleep in the car. He made up for his light lunch at dinner by having three "refills" of ham and oranges.

Sunday we went to church and did some grocery shopping--whoo hoo exciting!! After we played outside for a while, we ate lunch and Colton went down for his nap and I went and laid out for a while. I have to keep my tan from the cruise in tip-top shape. Being a native Floridian, I was always tan and now that I work inside all day, I am stay a little whiter than I would like, so every chance I get I go out and get some sun. When he got up I decided to take him down to the Suwannee to play. We only live about a mile from the river and I take the dog down there quite a bit. He went last year as a baby, but not since he has been mobile and really able to play. He has some sand toys that we take to the beach so we took those along as well. Talk about the Redneck Rivera!!! The place was crowed as expected ( it was about 95 degrees yesterday). There were many toothless folks, women that SHOULD NOT be wearing two pieces and many little kids. This one little girl kept taking Colton's toys. First he lost his pail, then she took his entire wagon of toys and then she took a shovel. She was still small, but old enough to know not to take things that weren't hers. Her parents were not watching her in the least. I don't know how familiar you are with the Suwannee river, but it is pretty quick moving and as black as night due to all the tannins in the water. Granted there tons of people there, but they still should have been keeping a close eye on her. Colton found some little girls that played in the sand with him and he had a great time just sitting on the beach right at water's edge. I didn't really want him to go down into the water too much anyway.


  1. Having a baby on a schedule is such a great thing,untill it is't. lol getting them off is aweful. sounds like you had a great weekend.

  2. What a busy weekend you had! I grew up in South FL and I know what you mean about a year-round tan!! How scary that those parents weren't watching their little girl near the water!

    Hope you have another fabulous weekend with Mother's Day!!!



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