Friday, May 14, 2010


Mom ended up taking Colton to the doctor yesterday afternoon. His temperature stayed around 100.6 most of the day, even after Tylenol and Motrin. They checked his ears and lungs and said they were both clear. They looked at his throat and said it was red and wanted to do a throat swab. Ever since Monday night, he now HATES the doctor's office and people in scrubs, so apparently he was crying during the time they were in the office. I think that may have been why his throat was red. I have to take him back at 4:30 so they can go over the results. His fever has been down today. This morning it was 99.5 and then a little while ago it was right at 100. He could have picked up a virus from the wonderful (<--insert sarcasm here) time we spent in the ER. Another thing that strikes me odd is that he has been drooling A LOT in the past several days. When I say a lot, I mean A LOT--like the entire front of his shirt is soaking wet after about 10 minutes. He isn't really teething anymore. He is still somewhat getting in his incisors and molars, but no more than they have been and he never drooled this bad before. His lip is not swollen anymore so I wouldn't think it would be causing the drooling. I will ask today--though I doubt they will give me a good enough answer. He has had ZERO appetite, but I contribute that to the antibiotics. He would even eat his favorite, grapes, but he seems to be very thirsty all the time. And of course the best part of this experience--HE IS VERY WHINY AND CLINGY!!! I just want my crazy, running around willy-nilly, little eating machine back!!


  1. I hope he is ok and not sick!!! good luck at the dr.

  2. I hate to say it but this sounds exactly like Tyler when he is teething. Drool, small temp and not eating. Tyler is already cutting his 2 yr molars at 18 months. He already has one.

  3. Poor Colton, he just can't get a break, or you either! I hope he is all better and back to his old self soon.



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