Monday, May 17, 2010

Strep throat

That was the "diagnosis" at the doctor's office on Friday. They showed me his little throat that had white pus pockets all over it. That was the reason for the fever and why he has been such a drool machine. His throat hurt so his he was making extra saliva to compensate and help everything to "slide down" easier--well that is what I came up with anyway. She did say that because his throat was sore was why he was drooling so much. He is certainly back to usual little self though. Other than the constant drool, you wouldn't know that he was sick. He hasn't had any fever since Friday and has been sleeping like he did before he was sick. So he is on the mend. Now all that is left is getting his stitches out tomorrow---I am NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT!!


  1. Poor little guy! I guess when it rains it pours. I hope the stitch removal goes well...

  2. I hope he feels better! Good luck tomorrow on getting the stiches out hope it goes smoothly!

  3. Poor Little dude! Hope everything goes well on Friday:)



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