Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We have had a pretty uneventful week so far--which is good. I am trying to get everything packed and together for the cruise. We leave on Monday. Please say a prayer for me--I am going to need it!!!

Colton had MOPS yesterday. His first time back since I went last time and had the "encounter" with the rude woman. All went well. When Mom went to pick him up, they said he was good and no reports of biting. He did have two red marks on his face. Apparently they said he "ran into a swing." Not sure if it was empty or if someone was swinging and he ran into them--they didn't elaborate. I was sure they it was going to turn into a black and blue mark and all the pictures from next week, he would have bruise across his face, but they seemed to have faded.

Who says tough guys can't wear pink????




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  1. I'm glad his experience at MOPS this time was better!! He's such a cute little guy! Love his smile!!



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