Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone!!! I have been a little slow on blogging this week. We have been pretty busy here at work with meetings and samples and I had a dentist appointment, plus I have not felt well these last couple days. I have been nauseous and felt at any moment I could "lose my lunch". I feel somewhat better this morning, but that twinge is still there. Having to deal with a very active 16 month old sometimes makes the feeling subside for at least a little while.

As you can see from the picture, Colton got a new ride--his very own Cozy Coupe. I got it the other day and put it together all by myself while watching TV that night. Let me tell you, that thing was a bit of a bugger to get done. Since the "instructions" that come with things now days are just pictures and no words anymore (I guess to save from having to write them in so many languages, which makes sense), it makes the assembly a little more difficult.
We have almost two acres of a yard that he can play in and he has no outside toys. He is really too little right now for a swing set, so I spend my time chasing him away from the garbage cans, the burn pile and other various non-toy things that he insists on playing with. He loves to push our yard cart around, so I bought him a little wagon with shovels and pails in it as well.

He prefers to push the Coupe around instead of riding in it.


  1. He is just so cute! I am sure he will dig his new ride soon.

    I hope the nausea subsides soon... it sucks to feel constantly nauseated.

  2. Awwww, he looks so cute in his new car!!! Hope you feel better soon!!



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