Thursday, September 9, 2010

I've had "blogger block"

Lately I sit down to blog and then I don't. I feel like I have a lot to say, but when I sit down to write it down, I think "no one wants to hear about this" and I delete what I have written. I follow Ree on (who doesn't right?) and she did a pretty good blog the other day on the ten important things she has learned about blogging. Several rang true to me.

Blog often.
Whether you write a sixteen-paragraph essay about the cosmic implications of a free market system, a one-paragraph description of what happens to your soul when you walk into your godforsaken laundry room, or a simple photo and caption, consider your blog a precious bloom that requires daily nurturing.

Don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself.
On this website, over the course of the past five years, I have burped, performed Britney Spears songs in Ethel Merman’s voice, misspelled words, posted typos, and talked about ways I humiliated myself as both a youngster and an adult.

If you have writer’s block, push through and blog anyway.

Value every person who takes time out of their day to stop by your blog.
Tell ‘em you love ‘em. Regularly.

I am going to try and heed her advice a little more. It is quite cathartic to write sometimes. I have had a lot to deal with lately and maybe if I had written it down and got others input, it would have been easier to deal with.

I can't say that things are particularly better per say. Steve still isn't working. Colton is still crazy. I really think that he has ADHD. I don't feel as though he is "normal" for his age. Yes, toddlers are little balls of motion, but he is like a tornado. He just goes from one thing to another constantly. I know that a lot of his frustration has to do with not being able to communicate in the way that I can always understand him, but I try. I have seriously thought of putting him in daycare (even though I REALLY don't want to for several reasons). Mom took him to Toddler Time at the library today and she said he was pretty good, which is surprising. Everyone keeps telling me it is just a phase, but I an beginning to not believe them.

As a side note Colton is going to be in a contest in October and "he" has to sell sponser tickets. They are $1.00 a piece and your name goes into a drawing to win $50. Depending on how many tickets he sells, he could win a prize. I would just need your name and address to fill out the tickets. You can PM if anyone is interested in helping the little guy out!!

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