Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Colton's "date"

There are a set of triplets that live down the street from Mom's house. They are a little less than two months younger than Colton (they were born the end of January, but were actually due in March). We have talked to their parents and the babysitter when they have been out walking and Colton would go over to them and and try and hold their hands (and then try and bite them!!), but the other day the babysitter was out on a walk with them while Mom and Colton were outside playing. Colton went over to say hi and was very nice with them. Mom and Amber (the sitter) talked for a while and she said that the parents really wanted the girls to get out more and play with other kids so she invited Colton over for a "playdate"yesterday morning. Great, Mom and I thought--he finally gets invited over for a playdate and he still is biting. She said that she took him over there and all three played outside in the yard and Colton was very good--no biting or pinching. Apparently he was sweet on one of the girls (the cute one to boot!!). She said that they had a good time. Well this morning she saw Amber while they were walking again and she invited Colton back over, so I guess it must have gone well the first day. Mom said he played well today also. He would bring the girls their juice cups and he waited on them to go down the slide. Maybe he isn't quite so bad after all (or we have just been lucky these last couple times!! :O)

As an aside, Colton still REALLY needs sponsors for his baby contest (Remember I don't like the word pageant for a boy! LOL) Tickets are only $1 each.

Hope everyone has a great evening. It was actually 65 degrees here this morning when I got up. Of course now it is probably backup to 90, but at least it was nice this morning. I love "fall" here in Florida. I would love it if it got down to about 65 at night and during the day about 80-85 all year long--that would be perfect weather. Cool enough at night to open the windows and warm enough during the day for shorts and swimming.


  1. It's always fun to have play dates especially when everyone involved has fun!



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