Wednesday, April 6, 2011


     Colton has been regression in his potty training here lately.  For the last week or so, he has had at least an accident a day.   Previously it was VERY RARE that he would wet his pants.  This last week, he has had pee and poop accidents.  Normally he was pooping during his nap, but recently he has been going randomly throughout the day.  He knows that he has to go but it seems like he won't sit there long enough to go.  He will say "poop" and then run for the potty, but has not been making it.  On Monday we were outside playing and he said "poop" so I took him to the potty--nothing.  Five minutes later, "poop" so again we went and sat on the potty--nothing.  Two minutes later he runs by me, "poop" and he heads for the bathroom where he pooped in his pants on the way there.  The same thing had happened at school earlier in the day.  On the way home from Grammy's that day, he wet his pants.  This week has been AWFUL in the potty department.  Last night he wet his pants.  Today again he pooped in his pants.  He said "poop" and took off to the bathroom, but didn't make it.  Hopefully it is just a "phase" and he will get back on track.  I try and not get angry about it, but I certainly do get frustrated.  I don't really know what to say when he does it.  I don't want to chastise him, but I want him to know that it isn't acceptable.

      As far as the "big boy bed", it went much better than I ever thought it would.  I lay him down in the bed at about 7:30 and don't hear from him all night.  The other night he did "fall" out of bed, but I put him back in bed and he went right back to sleep.  I thought he would get up and wander around his room, but so far he hasn't.  Even on the weekends, he just wakes up and talks to himself but stays in bed.  I never thought it would be this easy!!


  1. Ugh, potty training! I don't think Austin is there at all, and I'm not looking forward to it. Well, I am looking forward to him not being in diapers, but not the part you are in. We are going to Colorado at the end of the month where we will be getting Austin's toddler bed from my Mom, I can't wait!

  2. Hi! My Colt regresses too. It's weird. He goes in phases. Just when I think it's over, he starts again. I think alot of the accidents are our fault. I sometimes ask him if he has to go, and when he says no - I believe him. I expect him to go when he has to go. I think I sometimes think he's older than he really is. He's been wetting alot. My husband has been working alot, he's opening a 2nd flooring store, so his nighttime routine is off. He also just moved up to a new classroom this week. I try to be calm, but frustration kicks in alot.

  3. DS does that every now and again. When something big changes and when he hasn't been sleeping or napping well is when it usually seems to happen. We usually have him help clean his mess and sing a little song to remind him that peepee goes in the potty. Just stick it out and he'll get through within a few days.

  4. Persevere :) sounds like your just going through a bumpy will pass, although from memory its pretty crappy at the time lol



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