Friday, April 15, 2011

I am behind on my blogging---

    Seems like forever since I have posted a new blog.  Not to much happening these days.  We are enjoying the great spring weather that sunny Florida offers.  Last weekend my niece and her friends were having a yard sale to benefit Japan's relief fund.  I decided to load Colton up in the his bike cart and ride over.  When we got there, I noticed that Landen and Colton were dressed almost alike!!
They both had on green and navy shirts and blue shorts.  I asked Landen if he wanted to go on a ride and when they were "loaded" up, they could have been twins.  Unfortunately our ride didn't last very long due to the fact Landen wanted to go back to his Mommy after about two seconds of riding!!  Being that they are only three weeks apart, I can see some similarities.  They seem to have the same little button nose.  It must be a dominant Rogers' gene because Steve and Jeff, and even Kara, have the same little nose.

    I have been trying to get his speech therapy going.  By the time everything gets worked out and scheduled, he won't need it any more.  He had his second "evaluation" (which was a complete waste of time--we waited almost an hour for the ARNP to come in and say ok, he can be referred to our therapist) and then they were going to forward it on to the therapist.  Well I hadn't heard anything as of two days ago and he had his appointment on the 31st of March.  I called and got the number to the therapist and come to find out that she had to send the referral back to the pediatrician because she doesn't accept our insurance.  I asked how much it would be without insurance and she said that she charges $80 a session and he is supposed to go once a week.  I called the the insurance company back to ask if there were any others in the area and there is one in Lake City now at the hospital.  SO I called the pediatrician back and asked them to fax his information over.  Hopefully I will hear something back from them.

   We have our first Easter egg hunt of the year tomorrow.  Emma, Annabelle and Sophie are going to go along as well.  I think he will have more fun if he has some "friends" there.  After church I will take him to Wal-Mart where they have free pictures with the Easter Bunny.  Hopefully he will not freak out at the bunny again this year!!

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  1. Welcome back, I have missed your posts!

    You are right, with the exception of hair color the boys do look like twins, so cute!



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