Thursday, March 24, 2011

Success (knock on wood)

   On a whim yesterday afternoon, I decided to convert Colton crib to a toddler bed.  There was no real reason for this.  He is a great sleeper and goes down like a champ and rarely do we hear a peep out of him until morning.  He wasn't trying to climb out of his crib or anything.  When we go on our cruise, he will need to sleep in a twin bed, but that isn't for over a year.
    I took the front rail off and put the tiny little bed rail up.  My main concerns were 1) he was going to get up about 2 seconds after I put him down and roam around his room and get into the bathroom and 2) he was going to fall out of bed with such a small side rail.  Last night went well.  I heard him in the after I put him down singing and talking, but I don't think he got down and when I went to get him this morning, he hadn't fallen out.  I know it has only the first night and he may be "braver" now, but here's to hoping it works out.


  1. When we made the switch I also had the same concerns. To add to it, the boys were both in the same room so I was sure I would have problems. But, they also did amazingly well.

    They never get out of bed, even in the morning. They always call me to come in and get them. When it's bed time, they never play they usually talk to one another for a little bit but they don't get out. They've had a few falls but usually all I need to do is pick them back up and put them in their beds. They are so low to the ground that they don't get hurt. I have even switched them from the toddler beds to twin beds since I need the crib soon. And they love their twin beds!

    I think sometimes as Moms we tend to over-think things. Kids are so resilient and handle change very well. I am sure he will continue to do well.

  2. We didn't have such great luck. He stayed in the bed the first 2 nights. Ever since then he climbs in our bed. We put him back, he sleeps for a while, then back in our bed. I guess I can't blame him. It's gotta be way cooler to sleep with us than alone. I'm sending good luck wishes to you!!



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