Thursday, December 30, 2010


I really wanted to get Colton into a preschool program, for several reasons really.  One so that he can interact with kids his own age and learn to "play" with them.  I think it would be good to have other kids to parallel.  Granted he will probably bring home every illness, but hopefully he has a good immune system and can stay healthy.  Also I think it might help for his speech to develop.  Being around other kids, hopefully he can pick up on them talking and can learn from them.  This being a small town, only two places really offered preschool for two year olds.  One was definitely out of the question so that only left one.  I didn't want a daycare type place, which there was plenty of those.  I wanted something with an education type atmosphere.  I put Colton on the waiting list several months ago and I called the other day and she said she had his spot ready. We went and met with the teacher yesterday and it looks like a nice place.  He will go Monday, Tuesday and Friday.  The way it is set-up, it is actually an all day type of thing, but he is only going half-days.  We will take him after breakfast (I like to know and monitor what he eats for breakfast and he is a little picky) and the we will go pick him up right before they eat lunch.  Again for the same reason, but he maybe could stay for lunch depending on what they are serving.  I saw a menu for the week and noticed beenie-weenies, which I know he won't eat.  Also he can go back to Grammy's and take his nap.  I am a little concerned with how his potty training will go, but Ms Tanya said that she takes them about 45 minutes.  Hopefully he will continue with the progress he has made so far.  Eventually he might stay longer, but at two, I think this schedule will work best for him.  He starts on Monday so I will be sure to take his picture of his first day of school!!!


  1. Sounds like a great plan. You might find that leaving him for lunch where he will eat with other kids might help rid him of his pickiness. All of my friend or family members with single children (around the same age as my boys) say they always eat much better when they are with my boys. I guess there's something about watching the other kids eating and enjoying that makes them want to do it too.

    I am seriously so impressed with Colton's potty training. I am hoping to get the boys started up again in the new year but I just wish they were as advanced as he is already! Way to go, Momma on doing such an awesome job! I will take an tricks or advice you have to offer!!

  2. Good Luck with Preschool. Tyler has started talking so much better since starting. He now says full sentences. He hasn't really gotten sick from school either. Hopefully Colton enjoys school as much as Tyler does.



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