Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My little comedian

These past couple weeks Colton has really become quite the comedian. Sometimes he does funny things on purpose and sometimes he isn't trying to be funny--he just is. He does really enjoy a game of Peek-a-boo and will play it anywhere--behind a door, behind a cereal box, anywhere that he can. Also he thinks it os fun to be chased. When we are outside playing he will start running and look behind him to see if you are chasing him. If so, he just starts giggling and sometimes trips!! Unfortunately this is not always a good thing. The other night, he was getting ready to go to bed and told Steve good night. He was heading down the hall--not watching where he was going--and BAM into the wall. I felt so bad because of course he was crying, but I told him to watch where he was going. I bought him a potty seat that goes onto a regular toilet seat and he walked around with it and then put it in his head and wore it like a hat LOL.

He still amazes everyday. I just wish he would talk more ( I say that now but when he really is talking I will probably regret saying it). He knows what he wants and if you give him directions, he will do them. He just doesn't say much. He points and uses his own language, which can get frustrating for me and him because I can't understand him and he isn't getting what he wants.

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