Thursday, February 18, 2010

It has been a while

It has been a while since I posted last. I guess mainly because not much has been going on. Nothing new and exciting to report. Colton is still just as crazy as ever!!

We are still working on the biting thing. I don't think he is doing it out of anger, I think he doesn't realize it hurts. When he is giving you a hug, sometimes will bite your shoulder or he will come from behind and bite your back. I correct him and give him a "time out" for one minute, but I am not sure if he gets why, but we are still trying.

Colton still goes potty every morning. That seems to be the only time he goes on the potty consistently. Every now and then he might go if he wakes up dry from his nap. Usually though he is wet and poppy when he gets up. I don't know what it is about him a taking a nap and going poop. He almost always goes during his morning "quiet time".

He has his 15 month check-up coming up the beginning of next month. I got a letter in the mail about a week or so ago from the health department saying that he was missing some vaccines--well yeah I know. I have delayed his MMR and his varicella until he is at least two. I will give him his MMR at two and then think about the varicella a couple months afterward. He has to have two boosters by the time he starts school, which for him will be a year later than some kids since his birthday is in December--unless he goes to private school. Regardless, he still has 3 to 4 years to get the shots. I am not refusing the vaccines, just delaying them until his little body has a better defense system. Once I am sure sure that the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) is fully formed and intact, I am more comfortable with having him immunized.

He still isn't much of a talker, which I have to say does concern me just a little. He has several words that he says--mama, my mama (usually this one comes out in church), dada, mulk (milk), bud (bird), book, maybe hi and bye every now and then. He understands directions, like if you go ask him to get a book or to bring you a shoe or his socks that he insists on taking off. He babbles to himself when we are in the car. He likes to look at books, but doesn't really want you to read to him. He gets "obsessed" with a book and wants to look at it over and over. First it was his NASCAR book, then it was the first Christmas book, then the fuzzy farm animals, now it is Brenden Bear and the Farm Animals. We have tried reading him Dr. Seuss' ABC book, but he only makes it to D!! I hear or read about other kids his age that have a much more advanced vocabulary, might know how to count to 3 or4, know some colors and shapes. I know it is WAY TOO EARLY to worry about him falling behind, but it does still concern me.


  1. Tyler loves a good poop at nap time too:) It must be a boy thing!

  2. Don't be concerned about his development just yet. It sounds to me like he's doing fantastically and his speech is normal (I work at our county MH/MR building so I know some of this stuff from hearing caseworkers talk). He knows the proper amount of words (my pedi said about 6 words at this age) and can do simple things like following directions. My friend's first son who is now 3 knew all his shapes, letters, numbers, colors & body parts at this age but he's ~very~ advanced. Her 2nd son doesn't know half of that & neither does my daughter. They all just learn at different paces. Your pedi will tell you when/if you should worry :-)

    Luckily Delilah does poop often during naps but when she does whoo wee!!

  3. Oops- I meant doesn't poop often at nap time.



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