Tuesday, December 15, 2009


With my Mom gone last Thursday afternoon through Sunday, Colton and I got to spend more "quality" time together!! She went to NY to see my sister and her family. They usually come down for Christmas every year, but my youngest niece got chosen to be in the NYC Ballet's Nutcracker so they can't come this year. Mom went up there to see Ella perform. Unfortunately the weather pretty much sucked here the entire time. It was cold and rainy on Friday and Saturday it poured all day and was 40 degrees. By Sunday afternoon it had cleared up. He is not the kind of kid who does well cooped up for 4 days!!

This jersey was Colton's Birthday present from my sister. He will be ready for the big national championship game on the 7th. He has his jersey, a Bama hat and his "Big Al" elephant that plays "We are the Champions". I love in this picture how he has his feet crossed and his hand on Big Al. He is loosing that baby look and looks more like a little boy everyday. My dad said that his face was getting chunky. I think he is finally just filling out. He started out so small and skinny that now he is putting on some weight.

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