Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Birthday party and update

Whew what a week so far. We went to Christams on the Square on Saturday. It was nice. Not as big as last year I don't think. Sunday was the BIG EVENT. The party went well. My friend, Brenda, and her daughter, Addison, came. Addion is two months older than Colton. My SIL and her kids came too. Kara is 8 and Landen is 13 months old. The "babies" had a good time playing. He got a lot of great gifts. Colton LOVED his cake. He never gets that kind of thing so he didn't know what to do at first, but then he dug right in!!!

The three on the couch.
Enjoying his cake.

In his party hat.

He liked opening his gifts. Christmas will be fun!!

Colton and Addison played nicely.

His little smash cake.

Maddie got into the celebration too!!

The Winnie the Pooh cake.
I took him in for his 12 month check up. He weighed 21.6 pounds and was 30 inches tall. Little man is getting there. Now he is in the 50% for height and weight.

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