Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Whatever was "wrong" with Colton seems to have gone away. It must have just been a virus of some sort. He went to MOPS yesterday and they said he had a great time. Mom said when she went to pick him up, she heard him crying. They said that when all his little friends started to get picked and leave, he started crying. I guess he didn't want them leave. Either that or he was worried that he was getting left!! He still doesn't say too much. I would say he has about a 5 word vocabulary. He understands a lot though. If you tell him to go get something, he will. Or if you say where is your foot, he will point to it. He must be the smart silent type!!! LOL

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  1. He sounds so darn cute! I couldn't leave my kids at Moppettes for a long time because they would freak out!

    Thanks for your comment the other day! I've been trying to listen to that Darius Rucker song but for some reason I can't get it to play on my computer!!



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