Monday, January 11, 2010

Ok so now what is this?!?!?!

As an update to Colton's eating, it has gotten better. I have followed Dr.Sears "shovel it in while are willing" attitude. When we first start the meal, he is all for eating. So I start feeding him "rapid fire". One bite of this, one bite of that and so on in pretty rapid succession. This seems to work pretty good. I get a good amount in him before he starts refusing or wanting O's or yogurt melts. I read Dr. Sears chapter on feeding the one to two year old in his "Baby Book" the other night and it need help and ease my mind somewhat. They only need 1000 to 1300 calories a day. Some days they may not get it all, some days they go over so the days balance out. We have also started his "nibble" approach. Offer healthy nibble type snacks throughout the day. This has also gone well for us. I do recommend this book. It has a lot of helpful info in it.

One another note--I was totally stressed out the end of last week. So when I went to my mom's at lunch on Thursday and Colton was eating Mac and Cheese, applesauce, and vanilla pudding with his milk. He ate all of his food and was pointing to the Cheerios so I went to go get him some. I leaned over to put them on his tray and I noticed that his hand had what looked like raised welt. My mom looked at it and I asked if they had been anywhere or if he had gotten into something outside. She said no, he hadn't even been outside all morning and he hadn't been out of her sight. Well as we we talking, I noticed it getting redder and then I noticed some on his other hand and more on his upper arm. He wasn't in any distress or having trouble breathing or itching at them and he didn't have a fever. Then I noticed some more on his other hand so they appeared to be multiplying. I got his shoes on him and went to the pedi. office. Well, they were closed for lunch---UGGHH. There is only one pedi in this town mind you. So I took him to the ER. When we got there I noticed that there was welts now on his face and on his neck. As we sat there for who knows how long waiting to be seen, the ones on his hands disappeared and the ones on his face started to fade as well. After we still hadn't been seen, I decided just to leave since he wasn't experiencing any other difficulties. I went to CVS and talked to the pharmacist and she told me the dosage for Benadryl. By the time I got him back to Mom's house, he looked better and I gave him the Benadryl and he went down for his nap. I don't think it is a food allergy since he had all those foods many times before and never had any sort or reaction. When I got him home that night he was still fine and all the welts went away. Well Friday I get a call from my mom who said that he has the welts again. I told her to take him to the pedi and just see what they say. Well by the time he was seen, the major welts has disappeared and maybe just one or two little ones were still there. The ARNP said she thought it was probably just a virus since it comes and goes. She agreed with me that she didn't think it was any type of food allergy because he has not eaten and kind of new foods and he had no other tell-tale signs of a food allergy. She said just keep giving him the Benadryl every 6 hours or so and just watch him. They came and went on Saturday they were back sporadically throughout the day. He doesn't seem to be bothered by them whatsoever, so I guess maybe it is just a virus and it has to run its course. As a "new"mom and never had seeing anything like this before it just kinda freaks me out, but I guess he is fine. No fever and it hasn't slowed him down any!!

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  1. That sounds scary. I hope he doesn't have the rash come back!



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